Confcooperative Sassari Olbia is a business association born in Sardinia in 1949. As a Provincial Union, it is part of the Confederazione Cooperative Italiane, a primary national association representing, assisting, protecting and auditing the co-operative movement. With its main office based in Sassari, Confcooperative Sassari Olbia operates throughout northern Sardinia to safeguard and represent the interests of the member cooperatives and to promote the values ​​of cooperation. It fosters collaboration and mutual knowledge between associated cooperatives and assists them by business advice, administrative support and assistance in the application process for funding and tenders. In order to sustain local development, our organization collaborates with local public institutions and other representative of working life to implement initiatives and awareness-raising activities aimed at promoting the form of cooperative enterprise.



Our association provides business advice and start-up assistance for new cooperative enterprises, paying particular attention to young people, women and the unemployed. In close collaboration with our Administrative Services Center Puntocooper, we sustain the growth of associated cooperatives’ as well as the would-be ones by providing technical support in business plan development process and for credit access.Together with the University of Sassari, we also organize events to facilitate the matching between supply and demand in the labor-market connecting our member cooperatives with university students and young graduates.In partnership with different local actors, public and private, we offer training opportunities to upgrade skills of our associated cooperatives’ members and we are engaged in projects aiming to spread the cooperative entrepreneurial culture at school and university.In synergy with the other territorial Unions, Confcooperative Sassari Olbia also contributes to implementing projects financed or co-financed by public institutional partners or private entities in line with its strategic goals.
He is currently President of Confcooperative Sassari Olbia and Puntocooper Soc. Coop., the administrative services center of Confcooperative in Central-Northern Sardegna. In January 2020, he was appointed as a member of the Chamber Council of the Sassari Chamber of Commerce as representative of the cooperative sector. From 2010 to 2013, he held the position of Vice-president of Federsolidarietà Sardegna, the regional federation representing the entities associated to Confcooperative Sardegna that operate in the social solidarity sector. He was a board member of cooperative consortia (the Interprovincial Consortium of Social Solidarity Cooperation “La Sorgente”, 2003-2013; CGM, a National Consortium of social cooperatives, 2009-2016) and cooperatives (Services Center “Datamedia”). He has been also president of several social cooperatives since 1994, while in 2008 he was appointed city council member for environment, productive activities and tourism in the Municipality of Sedini.
A Confcooperative Sassari Olbia staff member since April 2019, she is in charge of developing and managing projects for the Association and its member cooperatives. She holds a PhD in History from Padua University and for several years (2009-2017) has been carrying out research at academic institutions in Italy (Luigi Einaudi Foundation, Padua University) and abroad (Oxford University, Princeton University). At the end of 2017, she changed career becoming interested in the Non-Profit sector. Between 2018-2019 she got a master’s specialization in Management of Reception Services for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers from Florence University and in EU Funding and Projects from the Europa Innovation Business School, working as a trainee at the Department of Labor of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and then for a NGO experienced on EU funding. She is currently engaged in training programs in management of non-profit sector at the SDA Bocconi, focusing on Social Entrepreneurship, EU Funding, Project Management and Performance Management and Social Innovation practices. She is also a volunteer at Caritas Listening Center for immigrants in Sassari (Sardinia) since 2018.
Secretary at Confcooperative Sassari Olbia since 1995, she is responsible for administrative management and for providing assistance to cooperatives during their entire life cycle.Before working for the Association, she had been an employee of several business and data processing offices.Her core competences include technical assistance related to the cooperative system, business planning, credit access, entrepreneurship.






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